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5 ways to save electricity while working from home

Created: Wed, 30 Sept 2020

With so many Australians now working from home due to Coronavirus, we’ve seen Electricity Bills increase by 12%. If you’re one of those Aussies where your kitchen, lounge, bedroom or balcony now doubles as your office, here’s some tips that could help you keep your electricity costs down.

5 ways to save electricity while working from home

1. Slow it down in the kitchen

Whether you know your way around the kitchen or not, you don’t need a degree to master the slow-cooker. Try slow-cooking your dinner while you work. Slow Cookers aren’t just versatile but they use less energy than standard ovens. 

Still finessing your COVID Sourdough skills? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a Slow-Cooker Sourdough Bread Recipe.

2. Heat and cool at the right temperature

A simple way of reducing your electricity use is to set your heat to 18 - 20°C. For every degree over 20°C, you’ll use around 10% more electricity. On the flip side, when it comes to cooling, the optimal temperature is 24°C or higher - each degree under uses 5% more energy.

3. Heat yourself before your working space

Given 3 of these 7 points is about heating says a lot about the amount of electricity that is require to heat. Typically appliances with the primary function of heating require the most eletciricy and in turn, cost the most. If you normally use a ducted heater, instead of going for the on switch as soon as you feel a chill, try to get into the routine of dressing in warm clothing and wrapping a blanket over or around your knees first.

4. Heat your workspace, not your entire house

If during your working day you’re using a heating or cooling system, try heating or cooling only the area you’re working in. Make sure to also close doors, use curtains, blinds and draft stoppers to limit your workspace electricity use to a single space or room.

5. Check you're on the cheapest (and greenest) electricity plan

For those Aussies who have remained loyal to their electricity provider for more than 4 years, it’s likely that you are one of approximately 800,000 Australians who are paying more than they should for Electricity. Shopping around, comparing plan prices and making the switch is now easier than ever! All you’ll need is a recent electricity bill (in PDF format) and you can compare plans, see how much you can save and switch in a matter of minutes.

Author: Ross from EnergyIQ

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