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5 common renewable energy myths BUSTED

Created: Tue, 9 Jun 2020

Can switching to a renewable/green/future-focused plan really make a difference? Does it cost more? Keep reading as we tackle 5 common renewable energy myths that are overdue a little busting.

5 common renewable energy myths BUSTED

1. Coal is more reliable for the grid

This is absolute baloney.

Supposedly Coal is more reliable for the grid because Solar and Wind can have "intermittency" (output issues). In contrast, it is said that Coal can remain consistent and respond to both low and peak times.

That was the past, the coupling of batteries with renewable energy generation allows energy to be stored during times of low demand and released (or dispatched) at times of peak demand.

Unlike many other forms of energy storage and generation, batteries are particularly valuable because they provide flexibility and are the and way of the present and future.

You only need to check out the success of Tesla’s large scale battery farm in South Australia where it responded in just 140 milliseconds to a coal-fired plant failure in December 2017, delivering enough gigawatts of power to help stabilise the grid and prevent a blackout. See, total baloney.

In fact, in the future, ageing coal-fired stations on their own are unlikely to deliver reliable electricity, not to mention their high maintenance costs. And don’t get us started on the high carbon emissions of fossil fuels.

2. It's a short-lived trend

You know fossil-fuels are non-renewable, right?

Fossil-fuels like Coal and Gas quite literally have an expiry date whereas renewables, they get their name because they continue to renew. That doesn’t sound like a trend to us.

And you know things are getting serious when Google purchases 3 gigawatts of renewable energy — that’s how much their offices and data centres around the world use in one year. Closer to home, the Sydney Morning Herald recently wrote how Australia’s grid could handle a huge leap in renewable power by 2025.

3. It doesn’t make a difference to emissions

Oh, come on now.

Right now, 81% of Australia’s electricity is sourced from traditional energy (coal and gas) with renewable sources supplying just 19%. On top of that, the energy sector contributes one third (33%) of Australia’s total emissions. If we can tip the scales to favour renewably-sourced energy more by demanding it in our energy plans, we will see a decrease in Australia's emissions.

4. It's not actually all green

We’ll be the first to admit that it’s very difficult to confirm how much renewable energy is being supplied to your home from the grid. Why is this? Well all energy generators, both renewable and traditional, add their entire mix into the grid which we all share and those teeny tiny electrons of electricity can not be traced accurately to know what exactly is being supplied to your home and whether it’s green or not.

But it’s not all entirely bad news because the more we demand renewable energy plans, the more renewable energy that must be supplied increasing the total percentage closer and closer to 100%.

You can rest assured that all of the energy providers on EnergyIQ are proactively investing in renewable energy - this is our key criteria. This means that as soon as they can provide 100% renewable energy, they will. Until then the best thing Australians can do is switch to a future-focused energy plan as this will increase the demand which in turn will lead to an increase in supply and generation of renewable energy. Getting us even closer to 100% renewable and low emissions.

5. It costs too much

Seriously, who is telling you this hogwash?!

Let's cut to the chase and why don’t you check for your self. It's super easy, just upload a recent energy bill PDF for quick comparison and we’ll tell you exactly how much it will cost you. We’ll compare your current usage and bill spend with our renewable energy providers and provide you with your bill cost and how much you could save by switching - this woman in Sydney saved $1,300!

If you’re not sure how to upload your bill, simply forward your most recent energy bill (if you’re not sure how to find it, simply search your energy providers name in your inbox) and we’ll run the comparison for you and send you the results.

Are there any other renewable energy myths you’d like us to bust? Send them to us by email and we’ll get busting.

Author: Ross from EnergyIQ

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